2019 Events Calendar




19 July Solis Ortus Table Offcial Course Magister Hall
26-28 July KSA Elite and SA Open Champs and KSA Awards Durban
7 August Invited Instructor Magister Hall
21&22 August Bring a Friend to Class Dojo’s
23&24 August National Womans Cup TBA
24 August Coloured Belt Seminar SA JKA Johannesburg
28&29 August Music Class Dojo’s
4&5 September Spring Day Theme Dojo’s
7 September Solis Ortus Standardisation 762 Jacques Street
14 September Coen Memorial Challenge Magister Hall
20 September School Close
21&22 September KSA League 2 North West (Top 10 Ranked +2)
1 OCtober School Open
11&12 October KSA League 3 Durban (Top 10 Ranked +2)
19 October SAJKA National Black Belt Gradings, Black Belt Pre-Graing Course, Grading and International Qualification for DD (Examiner and Instructor) SA JKA Johannesburg
23-27 October WKF Cadet/Junior & U21 World Championships Chile (Nr 1 or 2 ranked if applicable)
6 November Invited Instructor Magister Hall
9 November JKA Gauteng Bulls SA JKA Magister Hall
23 November Solis Ortus 2nd Grading Magister Hall
23 November Solis Ortus Prize Giving Magister Hall
30 November SAJKA Senior Board Meeting and Training SA JKA Johannesburg – Wanderers
4 December School Close