Solis Ortus 4 black belts “richer”

“Richness is not only measured in Money…….you can also be rich by your Habits, Values, Vision & Discipline.”

Solis Ortus became 4 black belts “richer” on Saturday during the National Dan Gradings held at SAJKA headquarters in Johannesburg.

We are super proud of each and every one of them.

The Pre-grading session was represented by 12 Solis Ortus students. Sandra Erasmus, Rudolf Steyn and Nick Vergitsis aren’t on the photo as they trained in a different hall.

Gary McKerr, Cathy van Onselen, Dawie Reyneke and Zak Snyman all received their 1st Dan (Shodan) on Saturday. We are so proud of you!!!! Now your karate journey starts.


Solis Ortus Student heading to WKF World Champs in Chile

As a young boy PW Pentz started dreaming big about where he wants to go with his karate and what he wants to achieve.

At the age of 15, PW is one of a very few Solis Ortus students to follow in the footsteps of our sensei Eugene.

On Saturday, 19 October 2019, PW will embark on a 18 hour flight to Chile to compete at WKF World Championships.

PW, we only ask of you to go and enjoy this journey. What ever happens will happen – as long as you step away with a smile knowing that you have done all you possibly could.

Your preparation was spot on, your fitness is tops and your mind is clear.

From all at Solis Ortus – we are very proud of you.

Keep your head high and represent yourself, your family, your dojo and your country with pride.


Photo taken by Anchen van Zyl from AVZ photography


Taniyama Sensei and Okuma Sensei visiting South Africa

It is not always possible for JKA students to travel to Japan and train with our masters and share in their knowledge.

SAJKA bridges this gap by bringing our Japanese Instructors to our doorstep.

Taniyama Sensei (7th Dan) and Okuma Sensei (6th Dan) visited SA from 1 October – 7 October 2019 and hosted a few seminars for SAJKA Karatekas.

On Tuesday, 1 October 2019 3 sessions were presented followed by another two on the Wednesday. The weekend was jam-packed with further interesting classes.

Sensei Eugene and other Solis Ortus karatekas attended the Tuesday session where they did top training session with Okuma Sensei, working on Hangetsu and the bunkai.

On Saturday, Sensei Eugene accompanied more Solis Ortus students. Okuma Sensei went through Jitte and broke it down into smaller parts explaining the bunkai and techniques.

Sunday’s sessions was filled with valuable JKA judging and refereeing by Okuma Sensei and Taniyama Sensei gave a fantastic class on distributing of weight and how to use is in Basai-Dai

Thank you SA JKA for providing us all with the opportunity to train with our masters.