Marx van Eeden

Marx Started karate at Solis Ortus at age 48 when his son Dawid  started with karate (in 2011). He attended a karate class way back in primary school (grade 1) and although it did not lead to anything Marx always had a thought of “someday” doing karate.

Marx gave a go at Goju Ryo many years ago, but it was not at a formal dojo and also did not pan out. Amazing what a good dojo and enthusiastic Sensei can do!

Marx obtained his Shodan in November 2016

Personal Information:
Birthday: 24 April (currently 56 years old)
Married to René, have son David (age 14).
Employed by Denel as a A Systems Engineer.
Hobbies include Photography, flyfishing, motorcycling,pottering in workshop
Marx is currently instructing purple belts in third class on Mondays and Wednesdays and is very passionate in his training.